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Rosseti, a Russian energy grid operator, is one of the world’s largest power companies. It operates 2.30 million km of transmission lines and 490,000 substations with transformer capacity of over 761 GW. In 2015, power supply to consumers totalled 720.5 billion kWh. Rosseti’s headcount amounts to 216,000 people

  • Objective

    Annual preparation of CSR and sustainability reports in accordance with the developing international standards and trends

  • Target users

    Stakeholders of the company

  • Scope of work
    • Formulation of a concept
    • Preparation of reports: a full cycle of data collection and finalisation of the reports, including English versions
    • Public verification
    • Preparation of reports taking into account the GRI Sector Supplements
    • In 2015, development and implementation of a plan for the company to switch to G4, the latest version of the GRI standard, drawing up of the report, and completion of the GRI G4 Content Index
  • Project hours

    600 agency hours per report

  • Outcome

    Five CSR and sustainability reports for Rosseti have been produced, with the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report for 2014 prepared in accordance with the GRI G4 Guidelines