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A1, Alfa Group`s investment company

  • Objective

    Creation of CSR and sustainability concept

  • Target users

    Shareholders, the company`s top management, other stakeholders

  • Scope of work
    • Analysis of CSR and sustainability best practice among global and national investment companies
    • Identification of CSR strategic landmarks based on the Principles for Responsible Investment established in the industry
    • Formulation of a mission of A1 as a responsible investor
    • Development of responsible investment criteria and principles for the company
    • Drawing up of A1’s policy as regards managed businesses’ CSR
    • Stakeholder mapping and determination of collaboration formats
    • Identification of A1’s CSR priorities
    • Determination of A1’s CSR reporting format and structure
    • Development of an action plan to integrate A1’s CSR activities with its external communications
  • Project hours

    300 agency hours

  • Outcome

    Its CSR and sustainability efforts defined and structured, A1 has become one of the first investment companies to organise its CSR activities based on industry-specific global best practices