About us

Our CSR mission is to promote sustainable development, implement global best practices, and share our expertise

About us

Headquartered in Moscow, EmCo opened a London office in 2015. Thanks to a network of partner companies, our coverage includes Continental Europe, the US, and Southeast Asia.

Since its foundation, EmCo has implemented over 150 projects, working with the largest Russian companies, both state and private, and a number of international corporations.
EmCo is a pioneer in providing CSR and sustainability consulting services on the Russian market.Since 2005, EmCo has been a member and Organisational Stakeholder of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), an international leader in reporting standardisation.

Our focus areas

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development CSR has come to be viewed as a fundamental aspect of any business
  • Reputation Management EmCo`s reputation rests as much on international quality standards as on its unique market position
  • IR Consulting EmCo’s IR client base includes the Federal Grid Company, Transneft, MRSK Holding, VTB and other Russian companies
  • Public Affairs Successful relations with public authorities require knowledge of the legislative, executive and regulatory processes
  • Annual and Integrated Reports EmCo  helps its clients to prepare MD&A, annual and integrated reports as well as other documents required by financial market regulators in Russia, the UK and US per relevant legislation and disclosure best practices.

Оur vision of CSR

Anna-Maria Ryklina, President, Managing Partner

The way we live and conduct business is constantly changing nowadays, presenting us with new opportunities, challenges and threats. Thus, a company’s success can no longer be a mere function of its financial performance. Business sustainability has gained prominence. That is why integration of the CSR principles into companies’ day-to-day operations has been among EmCo’s priorities for over 10 years.

Our CSR mission is to promote sustainable development, implement global best practices, and share our expertise.

We are committed to building a global model of responsible approach to business and promoting the sustainability concept.

We believe that sustainable development is an integral part of any business, directly affecting all aspects of a company’s operations, including cost reduction, environmental risk mitigation, social consensus achievement and human capital development.